Wyatt Earp-The Lost Story


Wyatt Earp-The Lost Story

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Wyatt Earp -The Lost Story: This is a fascinating 118 page meticulously documented story of one of America’s greatest treasures that has recently surfaced. It has been hidden for over a century. The magnificent portrait photograph of Wyatt Earp (the most famous Old West lawman) seen below, was taken in 1870 in Quincy, Illinois.

Its value is likely in the millions of dollars.

The evidence contained in this new book has caused a few Western writers, who have mistakenly published misidentified photos of Wyatt Earp in their books and magazine articles, a severe case of heartburn. We have heard from historians, and those just interested in Old West history, from all over the country who have read this book. These readers overwhelmingly agree that the evidence found in this book showing this 36″ by 22″ portrait photo is Wyatt Earp cannot be ignored.

This new 118 page edition also exposes the blatant errors in what we call a “distortion masterpiece.” It delves into an article written by Daniel Buck in the Old West History Association Journal, entitled Adventures in Wonderland Identifying Old West Photos. For anyone who has read the article, with no way to crosscheck its accuracy, they may think that this portrait is a fraud. When such a person examines the evidence in this book as well as the indisputable errors in Buck’s article, which we cover in detail, they will likely have a different perspective of where the fraud really lies.

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