#ORB-OTP with tube dies and attachments


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Complete Package Deal includes everything seen above and everything shown on the list below.

Note: To purchase the #ORB Ornamental Roller- Bender for less money without tube dies or ornamental attachments (or a limited number of them) scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Dies sizes

View Dies & Accessories That Work With This Machine

  • 1/2″ Round tube die set
  • 3/4″ Round tube die set
  • 7/8″ Round tube die set
  • 1/2″ Square tube die
  • 3/4″ Square tube die

Ornamental Attachments

  • Picket Twister
  • Scroll Attachment
  • Basket Attachment
  • Wrap Attachment

Note: Every item shown below automatically comes with an #ORB whether or not you purchase the available tubing dies or the ornamental attachments or not.

  • 1-” Flat stock die (heat treated)
  • 1-1/4″ Flat stock die (heat treated)
  • 1-1/2″ Flat stock die (heat treated)
  • 2″ Flat stock die (heat treated)
  • 2-1/2″ Flat stock die (heat treated)
  • 3″ Flat stock die (heat treated)
  • Stop Block
  • Sharp Right Angle Bend Attachment
  • Four 5/8″ round headed heat treated pins
  • Head Assembly with Lock-N-Stop Gauge
  • Built in ring roller
  • Base stand with die rack
  • Bending Handle
  • Comprehensive instruction manual

When purchasing the #ORB Ornamental Roller-Bender with a limited number of tubing dies or ornamental attachments click on Parts & Accessories to get individual die and ornamental attachment prices for this machine.

$1898.00 (machine only without tubing dies)

Includes the basic machine with the standard Flat Dies but without any Tubing Dies or Ornamental Attachments. Unit also includes Stop Block and Sharp Right Angle Bend Attachment as seen here racked with the Flat Dies on the base stand. Comes as shown.

Note: Tubing dies and ornamental attachments can be added later or the unit can be purchased as a package deal with all the accessories included.

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