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ScreedRight Pro is an efficient economical machine for screeding cement without having to buy or replace expensive damaged aluminum screed boards. Because it uses an inexpensive 2X4 or 2X6 to screed freshly poured concrete the screed can be easily replaced. It is the perfect machine to have in areas where aluminum screed boards cannot be readily obtained before or in the middle of a cement pour.

This concrete screed is also ideal for the rental shops that cater to the homeowners who are pouring their own cement slabs, concrete driveways or cement sidewalks. This concrete screed is especially handy for cement crews that only have a few workers pouring and screeding the wet concrete. Aside from the smaller concrete contractors, public works departments have also been a big user of this screed. Some of them have bought multiple units that they use to screed new smaller cement projects around the towns and cities they are part of.

Being able to crown the wood screed board is a big advantage to the screeding driveways and sidewalks. The adjustable crown the screed board can leave on the surface of the freshly poured cement will allow water to drain off both sides of the concrete eliminating rain and melted snow puddles. The amount of the crown the creed board has (which is transferred to the wet cement) is easily adjustable.

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