#HTBR Hidden Treasures of the Black Range


Hidden Treasures of the Black Range

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Hidden Treasures of the Black Range: This may well be the most interesting stories you will ever read. There are very few books, with this large number of pages, that readers ever said they read the whole story in one setting, even though it meant staying up most of the night to do so. Several readers have told us this is one of those books.

It all began when Marshall Bulle, and his childhood friend Larry Ditzer, began searching for an old cannon seen by the late cowboy Walt Nichols high up in New Mexico’s rugged, wild and mysterious Black Range in the 1950s. That cannon, which we photographed out of a helicopter after looking for it for over twenty years, led to the discovery of the location of one of the most sought-after lost gold mines in the Southwest.

The location of that mine, known as the Lost Adams Diggings, has alluded treasure hunters for well over a century.

There are hundreds of outstanding color photographs in this 278 page hardbound stitched book that document this unbelievable yet true story. This beautiful 9″ x 12″ hardbound coffee table book (with easy to read large font)

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