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UF-25H Fabricator

The UF-25H Universal Fabricator will make up to 180 degree bends in up to 1-1/4” schedule 40 pipe, up to 1-5/8” (outside diameter) 10 gauge round tubing, and up to 1-1/2” 10 gauge square tubing.  It will also form a wide variety of sizes of flats, solid squares and rounds for all your metalworking projects.

There are lots of good reasons to own a UF-25H Universal Fabricator. Some of those reasons are the capability you will have to build a wide range of products that you otherwise might not be able to do. The Fabricator is essential for making any project that requires the forming of square and round tubing, pipe, flats, and solid bars. The number of types of projects that can be made with this machine is virtually unlimited. A few such examples would be things like ladder racks, headache racks, brush guards, dune buggys, go carts, trailer hitches, ornamental railings, gates, fences, and a whole lot of other items too numerous to mention.

If you happen to own a plasma cutting machine and need to add another dimension to your work then this Fabricator is for you. This is especially true if you own a PlasmaCam cutting machine. That’s because Shop Outfitters is continually working on new project books that combine PlasmaCam’s artwork with the Universal Fabricator’s capability to form all sorts of useful products for the general public. The amount of time and work that is involved in designing these project books with their step-by-step instructions is astronomical. By making use of some of these projects you can help your business to become both more productive and profitable.

Industrial arts teachers have informed us that their students have made benches from our bench project book as class projects. They have then been able to turn around and sell them to the public to bring in money for their individual schools. This also makes it possible for the school to afford better equipment in these times of tight budgets.

Our new Metalworking Projects and Plans Book (Volume 2 – Coffee Tables and End Tables) will be out shortly. It has many classy looking tables in it involving PlasmaCam’s art package entitled “Exquisite Tables”. The section in this new book showing full page color photographs can be used as a good sales tool to show to your new potential customers.

While it’s true that some other bender manufacturers have gauges on their machines, they can be next to useless when their numbers are not tied directly to specific projects. All of the bends needed for projects in our books use specific numbers on the Lock-N-Stop Gauge. These numbers correlate with the instructions for making the bends needed to make any of these projects. The practical importance of this cannot be overstated. Even if you want to design your own projects, these books can serve as a great source from which to get ideas.

Every UF-25H comes standard with the Lock-N-Stop Gauge.  Once you use this gauge, you will soon realize what an important roll it plays in your ability to make precise repeatable bends.

The Lock-N-Stop Gauge, with its engraved numbering system, not only gives you a way to make precise bends of a particular angle (one that may be called for in one of our project books) but also gives you an accurate way to repeat any angles you determine are necessary for the projects you design.


Shown above is a photo of the Lock-N-Stop Gauge set on 18&3/4.  This is the correct number setting for forming the 1-1/4” round tubing to 90 degrees, as shown being bent above. The 130 page instruction manual for the # UB-5, UB-5H, and UF-25H list all the Lock-N-Stop Gauge settings for power bending 45, 90, and 180 degree bends on all pipe dies, round tubing dies and square tubing dies that are available for these machines.  The Lock-N-Stop Gauges on the UB-5, UB-5H, and UF-25 are identical on all three fabricating machines.

A heat treated Right Angle Bend Attachment comes standard on all three machines and is used for bending flat stock where a minimum radius is needed.  Hydraulics are not used when using this attachment.  However the Lock-N-Stop Gauge can be used where multiple parts of the same angle are needed.

Having the 25 ton hydraulic press that’s part of the UF-25H can be real useful.  On occasion I’ve made special die sets for forming or punching special small parts in this press that  I needed for one of my own projects.  Shown below is more information on the use of the handy bend that comes standard with this machine.  As can be seen by the specifications shown below the Handy Bend can do some serious forming of heavy material.  It can also be purchased separately to fit in your own hydraulic press as long as you don’t exceed the 25 ton limit.