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Metalworking Projects and Plans Vol 1

Metalworking Projects and Plans Vol 2

The project books shown above are very useful if you’re looking for detailed plans showing how to build some very attractive benches and tables. The silhouette artwork used in these projects, available from PlasmaCam, is formatted ready to run on their machine. These books are the first in a series of books we are developing to make your fabricating results more fruitful. These plans are designed to be used with Shop Outfitters’ tools and PlasmaCam’s cutting table.

The Lock-N-Stop Gauge (which comes standard on the UF-25H Universal Fabricator, UB-5, and the UB-5H Universal Bender) takes the guess work out of making the projects contained in these books. This system of building projects will reduce a lot of scrap that one cannot afford in today’s economic climate of tight budgets and limited resources. The thousands of hours it took to design and build these projects, as well as to produce the plans, make the relative cost of these books insignificant. As the designer of these projects and plans, I find this system so useful, I go back and follow my own directions when making any of these projects. I make full use of the Lock-N-Stop Gauge to keep from making costly mistakes, that I would otherwise likely make, if I tried to build any of these benches or tables simply from memory.

Several bench designs can be built from the plans in the bench book (volume #1) without the need to own or to have ready access to a PlasmaCam cutting machine. The book on coffee and end tables (volume #2) is intended more to be used by those who own a PlasmaCam or who know someone nearby that can cut the artwork needed for the projects shown in this book. If you have Shop Outfitters’ #SA Scroll Attachment but no plasma cutting machine you can build the table frames and add scroll work in them instead of silhouette artwork. If you have another type of bender or plasma cutting machine other than those made by Shop Outfitters or PlasmaCam you may still find this book somewhat helpful as a reference guide for ideas you may want to develop yourself.

If you’re contemplating purchasing a bender and plasma cutting machine you will want to consider the distinct fabricating advantages of the equipment made by Shop Outfitters and PlasmaCam. The ability to easily turn projects into reality without a lot of frustration is a must. Having spent years running my own metal fabricating business in Minnesota I know something about this subject.

It makes no sense to spend untold hours trying to figure out how to form and fabricate something that has already been done before. This is especially true when the projects have been turned into plans that are now readily available to anyone who wants to make use of them.