#3 ORB Metalworking Projects and Plans Book (Volume I ORB Mailbox Stands, Gates & Railings)


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This book can be helpful for anyone who would like to build ornamental iron projects for a hobby, extra income, or a full time business. It was written by Marshall Bulle who grew up working in his father’s ornamental ironwork shop in Tucson, Arizona.

In his late teens he moved to Farmington, Minnesota where he built his own thriving metal fabrication business. A major part of the income produced by his welding shop came from building ornamental iron. Bulle fabricated a tremendous number of metal railings for some of the largest home builders in the whole area which included the Twin Cities. The purpose of this ornamental wrought iron book, as well as other ones he is currently working on, is to provide scaled drawings and ideas that can actually be built into profitable projects. This first book includes ornamental mailbox stands, gates and railings. Even the best ornamental fabricators can always use reference books in which to look for new design ideas. These books can also be useful sales tool for anyone currently in the business or someone just getting into it.

The designs in it can be shown to potential new customers. These ornamental projects are designed to work exclusively with the Shop Outfitter’s ORB Ornamental Roller-Bender manufactured in this United States. The impracticality of using any other brand of bender with far less capability (especially cheap imports) will be quite obvious to anyone who acquires this book. It provides a simple understandable method of actually determining the dimensions of all the scaled drawings contained in it.

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