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For drawing ornamental iron and wrought iron projects, Ornamental Pro drawing software is the tool you must have.  The drawing program allows you to draw railings, gates, fence, scrollwork, wrought iron furniture, security doors, security window guards quickly with a variety of automatic functions and buttons. Wrought iron drawings with ornamental scrollwork are easy to create to show your customers that you are a professional ornamental iron manufacturer or welding shop.

Ornamental Pro was originally designed for the welder who spends more time in the shop than using a computer. Typical CAD programs often require many hours of training and are mostly not practical for use in a small ornamental iron or welding shop. For more than a decade,  OrnamentalPro customers have been relying upon the drawing software to help them quickly draw wrought iron railings, wrought iron gates and wrought iron fence to show to their customers which helps them land the job.

Ornamental Pro software provides a variety of functions including the automatic creation of ornamental iron railings, gates, fence, security doors and metal furniture. Railings are quickly drawn by choosing from a library of railing section templates. OrnamentalPro automatically calculates picket spacing in the rails or fence, saving you valuable time.

Ornamental Pro also works with a wide variety of metalworking tools and equipment such as metal benders, scroll benders, tubing or pipe benders, ring rollers and picket twisters. When you draw a scroll, Ornamental Pro tells you how long to cut the material and how far to bend it in the scroll bender. The program provides the scroll letter sizes that correspond with the Shop Outfitters scroll bender. When it comes to picket twisting, the program allows you to twist any bar as much as you would like in any direction. Arcs and rings are easily drawn with the drawing program. Ornamental Pro gives you radius, diameter as well as the arc height which can assist you in rolling the steel into the correct arc with a ring rolling machine.

One of the most handy features of OrnamentalPro is the built-in casting component libraries. With Ornamental Pro, you are able to select from thousands of cast iron spear caps or finials, cast scroll patterns, hinges, rosettes, forged picket patterns, wrought iron leaves, grapes, baskets provided by wrought iron casting suppliers such as King Metals (King Supply), Lawler foundry, Architectural Iron forgings and castings and Allied Castings. The casting components are organized into categories to be selected and dropped into any ornamental iron drawing. Once the casting component is added to a drawing, it can easily be moved, rotated and even duplicated. The casting libraries are free to Ornamental Pro users and are periodically updated and expanded.

Another feature of Ornamental Pro is the ability to import cnc plasma cut silhouette patterns into the drawings. Artistic patterns such as those provided from PlasmaCam allow you to incorporate beautiful art designs into your gates, railings, fence, security doors and furniture within your ornamental iron drawings. Steel cutouts cut on CNC plasma cutting tables like the Plasma Cam and Samson tables can further the artistic appeal of your projects.

If you are interested in Ornamental Pro drawing software, you can see how it works by watching it in action on the videos located here: