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If you own a #BMSB Bench Mount Scroll Bender you may want to acquire the #1415 Bench Mount Ring Roller to go with it. However, as mentioned before the #1-ORB Ornamental Roller-Bender will allow you to make a larger variety of ornamental projects as well as some tube bending capability. Nevertheless, adding the #1415 Bench Mount Ring Roller to the Bench mount Scroll Scroll Bender will definitely increase your capability until you are able to aquire a #1-ORB Roller-Bender at which time you will be well equipped to fabricate almost any ornamental project that your customers may want you to make. Shown below are a few examples of items that can be built using the #1415 Bench Mount Ring Roller and # BMSB Scroll Bender. Three of the these items include artwork that was cut out on a Plasma Cam.